Beyond Empowers Community Outreach offer is offering longer-term community-based support for those that need it.

Our Empower You approach offers fantastic outcomes for those it works with.
From improving people’s health and wellbeing, increasing activity levels and better connecting people to their communities; and the people and places within it
However, one limitation of the service is that we’re only able to work with people for eight-weeks.
While this works for some, with an average of 80% of people maintain their activity levels and engagement in the community beyond our support, for others it’s just not long enough.
This has been fed back to us for some time now by the people we work with. As an organisation always looking to listen and act upon what those we work with tell us, we’ve been working in the background to see how we might respond.
And today, we’re pleased to share, that we’re officially launching our solution in the form of our Community Outreach offer.
This will enable us to support groups of people with shared interests longer-term through their personal funds, social care budgets or direct payments.
We’ll still be staying true to our ethos of being led by people and supporting people in the community, establishing relationship with mainstream activity providers and working to get people who are able to / to the point where they don’t need us anymore. This offer gives us the flexibility to be there for as long as people need.
Given the benefits Empower You has generated for people, we envision this approach will see people achieve even greater benefits as we’re working with them longer-term.
Ndu and Jenny are the first to engage with our Community Outreach offer; doing everything from the gym and swimming, basketball and developing money related skills. We look forward to welcoming many more people as the offer develops.
Currently this offer is provided in Salford. If you’d like to access it, or know someone who might, referrals can be made here –
If you’d like to learn more about the offer, you can download our brochure below or contact us on or 0161 464 4924.