Our vision, mission and purpose

Beyond Empower was born from the direct, lived experience of disabled people and the desire to make activity, health and life generally more accessible and inclusive for disabled people.
This is important to us as disabled people face vast health inequalities; from being more likely to be inactive, develop preventative conditions and die prematurely.
But things don’t have to be this way, and that’s where Beyond Empower comes in.
It’s Beyond Empowers mission to help places #DoItDifferently to support healthy, active lives for disabled people, reduce these inequalities and work towards our vision of an inclusive world for disabled people.

How do we operate?

We’ll achieve the above by practicing our four core principles of:
Positivity – approaching the work we do with a positive outlook and mindset
Collaboration – working with, rather than against, the people and places around us
Problem-solving – being solution focused and open minded
Lasting change – we want the people and places we work with to be able to get on without us

Meet the team who put all of this into practice…

Image shows Andy Banns, Service Manager of Beyond Empower

Andy Banns

Service Manager

07529 223 420

Image shows Managing Director, Ben Andrews

Ben Andrews

Managing Director

07747 475 038

Image shows Eamonn Greene, Lifestyle Coach for Salford

Eamonn Greene

Lifestyle Coach, Empower You Salford

07421 360 149

Image shows Rachael Mallard, Lifestyle Coach for Trafford

Rachael Mallard

Lifestyle Coach, Empower You Trafford

07529 224 226

Image shows Hollie with a pink Juan character and a laptop.

Hollie Bentley

Volunteer Admin Support

Image shows Daniel Bird with a yellow Juan dressed in running gear with a medal

Daniel Bird

Volunteer Lifestyle Coach

Image shows Sair Hamza with a Kung Fu Juan

Sair Hamza

Volunteer Lifestyle Coach

Image shows Jane Dennison with a Business Juan in the foreground

Jane Dennison

Non-executive Director

Image shows Craig Hall, non-executive Director

Craig Hall

Non-executive Director

Photo shows Laila Issa

Laila Issa

Non-executive Director

Image shows Nigel Johnson stood in front of a blue background.

Nigel Johnson

Non-executive Director

Image shows Seb Lynn, non-executive member of the board

Sebastian Lynn

Non-executive for Voice and Influence

Image shows Emma Smith stood in front of a blue background.

Emma Smith

Non-executive Director

Image shows Paul Wilson stood in front of a blue background.

Paul Wilson


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