Our Community Outreach offer takes the same approach as our Empower You offer in supporting people to do the things they want to do in their community.
But, based on feedback from those we’ve worked with, whereas we’re only able to work with people for short periods with Empower You, our Community Outreach offer allows us to work with people for as long as they need us.

“I have noticed such a positive change in my son, he is more alert, has more energy and is much more positive.”

Katie (Mum of Ndu, Swinton)

All of our support is offered out in the community; directed by the people we’re supporting.
We’re there for as long as people need us. But, after working with us, if people feel they can access activities independently, that’s great.
People can pay using their personal budgets (social care or direct payments) or personal funds.

If you’d like support to access the things you want in your community, or know someone who would, you can make a referral here

If you think our Community Outreach offer could help people in your area access their community, get in touch here:

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