Simon’s Journey

Our Lifestyle Coach for Trafford has recently been working with Simon, a 52 year old man from Sale (Trafford), who suffered a stroke in December 2020 and a brain injury after falling from a bed whilst in hospital.  This has resulted in right sided weakness, dysarthria (difficulties with speech), expressive aphasia (word finding difficulties) and some cognitive difficulties such as memory deficits and increased processing times.
Following an initial assessment with us, Simon had some overall good health scores, but did have a very high cholesterol and was advised to speak with his GP as soon as possible, so that they could assess him and make any necessary adjustments to his medication.
Simon was particularly keen to strengthen his right arm and leg, which were weakened following his stroke.  He has a passion for photography and so the Trafford Lifestyle Coach took a holistic approach, combining his favourite hobby with activity.  This involved going on walks in the local area to take photographs and also attending a photography club run by Sale Photographic Society.
Simon has been very motivated to self-improve and has set ambitious goals for the new year.  We have already seen some fantastic improvements in his rehabilitation, finding walking easier and managing to walk for longer and overall better confidence and wellbeing.  Simon feels much happier and better about getting out into his local community since working with us.