Kelly’s Journey
Kelly is a 45-year-old from Trafford who has some mild learning disabilities and who has been struggling with anxiety.  She already enjoyed some activities such as walking her dog and spending time with her sister, but she expressed an interest in doing more activity and making new friends.


Kelly had some initial setbacks due to finances and her overall mental health.  She had a high BMI and her cholesterol and glucose were also high.  She was supported to attend several different activities to find out what worked for her, including activities at the gym, cycling spin classes, yoga, embroidery and art classes.


Kelly has gone from strength to strength and now has the confidence and independence to book classes for herself and attends several to support her mental and physical health and wellbeing.


Kelly has also had some previous difficulties around road safety awareness, which has been worked on and improved greatly as part of the groups that she has been attending.


Kelly particularly enjoyed her embroidery sessions at Old Trafford Wellbeing Centre, where she finished a mermaid piece that she has been working on and is now making a bird.


Kelly has now completed her Next Steps assessment with us and is confident to continue to attend various activities.  She has even made an online friend (taking safety considerations in mind).  Kelly’s health scores have improved slightly and nearly all of her wellbeing scores have increased and we hope that they continue to do so.