On your bike Don!

Don has recently been assessed by our service and worked with our Lifestyle Coach, Rachael. Don is a seventy-two year old man with epilepsy and kidney stones which has resulted in having to have a  stoma bag and a catheter.
Don was quite emotional during his initial assessment and explained that he was having a very difficult time in coming to terms with his diagnoses. Don and his wife, Chris, have been travelling and lived a healthy life up until recently. He described that he was a struggling with accepting it and dealing with normal daily life, activity and chores, with his stoma bag. Rachael researched different options that might be available in terms of a stoma support group somewhere where he could talk to other people who were experiencing the same disability. Don’s face lit up, he said “that would be wonderful!”
Since the initial assessment, Rachael has sent details of four different support stoma groups for Don to attend. Don has reached out to two of the groups.  One of the groups meets once a month and another is to request any immediate support. Don was very thankful for receiving this information.
Don booked to attend a Pedal Away session, following a discussion about his passion for cycling. Don, before his diagnoses, used to go out cycling on a daily basis but had lost his confidence. Rachael reassured Don by letting him know about Peter Whittaker, Wheelsforall coach who has worked with Beyond Empower on several previous occasions. Don agreed this would be something he would love to try. Following his initial assessment, Don was booked on to a cycling session, which he has now gone from attending weekly to attending twice a week. He is doing fantastically well!
“Being with the group has given me back my lovely, chatty, happy Don.” (Don’s wife, Christine)