Image shows a man holding a golf club looking out at a driving range.

Chris’ Journey

Chris (55) from Eccles was referred to Beyond Empower by through a community connector in Salford.
Chris has had a series of health issues and operations and has had a stoma fitted. This has had a serious impact on Chris’s physical and mental wellbeing.
Sadly, Chris has had to resign from his job as a chef which has been especially difficult for him as it was a job that he loved.
Chris lives with his elderly mother. He is on a lot of medication which has had some unfortunate side effects, including blurred vision. As a result of his medications and health issues, Chris can no longer drive, affecting his mental health further.
Chris told the Salford Lifestyle Coach that he was once a keen cyclist and golfer but he no longer had the confidence to do either. The Salford Lifestyle Coach suggested that they split the 8 weeks of Empower You’s support between indoor cycling at the leisure centre and the driving range at Trafford Golf Centre.
Chris attended every session and he was particularly pleased with the sessions at the range. It was during one of these sessions that the Salford Lifestyle Coach suggested to Chris that he join the local men’s group (Talk about it Mate). This is a group for men who have mental health issues and is a forum for chatting and sharing feelings and experiences. Chris has subsequently invited other people along to the group.
Chris was very complementary about the support he received and has confirmed that he will be continuing with the cycling at the leisure centre and he is going to continue to go to the driving range with his neighbour.