Access Salford is a collective of local disabled people, with various access needs and experiences, coming together to help make their locality work better for disabled people.

Some of the ways we do this include:
  •  Offering access audits of specifics sites, services or plans
  • Reviewing documents and providing access recommendations
  • Attending your meetings, or inviting you into our own, to share insight on how disabled people can be considered within your work
We’re happy to offer brief advice via email (if’s it’s more than one email or takes us more than a first look, that isn’t brief) or have a 20 minute phone call to help with what we can for free. Longer-term or more in-depth advice and support will be costed.
If you’d like support from Access Salford, you can contact us on or give us a call on 0161 464 4924.
We’re always happy to share learning and want the voice of disabled people in localities to grow so if you’d like helping in setting up an Access Forum in your area, please do get in touch here.
If you’re an organisation looking to make what you do work better for disabled people and operate outside of Salford, don’t worry. We’ve offered support to a wide range of organisations we can you read more about via our consultancy page here. Please do get in touch if you feel we could help you.